5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Overheats And How To Stop It?

Many times when using the phone you feel that the phone is too hot. Overheating a smartphone can also be dangerous, which can cause your phone's battery to rupture. Learn how to avoid the problem of overheating.
5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Overheats
In this modern world, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether we want to make calls, send mail, use the internet or make digital payments, we all depend on smartphones for small and big tasks. Many times the smartphone gets hot due to excessive use. Overheating a smartphone can also be dangerous, which can cause your phone's battery to explode.

Why does the problem of overheating occur?

  1. Excessive use of heavy graphics and large applications can cause the phone to overheat.
  2. Downloading too many applications, games or other software in the phone causes this problem.
  3. In some cases, the phone's communication unit and camera also generate heat.

How to avoid overheating?

Heating the phone not only makes it more challenging to use but also impairs its functionality. So let's find out how to get rid of this problem:

Use of phone cover:

One of the major cause of overheating of smartphones is mobile cover. Mobile phones are also affected by sunlight and hot weather. Mobile covers do not allow internal heat to escape and prevent the phone from cooling down. It is important to remove the cover of phone time to time so that it will cools down.

Don't charge the smartphone completely:

Never charge your smartphone 100 percent. Always keep charging less than 90 percent in the phone. Also, don't let the phone's battery go below 20%. Frequent charging causes the battery to overheat, and if the phone's battery is low, it can be life threatening for it. Charge your phone only 2-3 times a day.

Close background apps:

If you do not use any app, close it in the background. Apps run in the background, causing the phone to overheat. To close apps you don't use, select Force stop option by long pressing app icon or by going into the settings.

Use original charger and USB:

Charging your smartphone with a duplicate or cheap charger can cause overheating of the smartphone. For most of the case's overheating will be the main reason behind explosion of battery.

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