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How to Play 1v1 Matches in BGMI:

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI has various Surprising features that keep players engaged in the game. The prevailing modes in the game offers players many options. The game is based on old Players Unknown Battleground Mobile PUBG Mobile game. 
Play BGMI 1v1
In any game, playing with friends or against friends has always been fun. BGMI Mobile India enables all players to do so via custom rooms, where they can play multiplayer matches as well as 1v1 matches. In this article, we talk about how to play 1v1 matches or Friend v/s Friend game in BGMI india.

Ways to Play 1v1 in BGMI?

As mentioned above, in order to play the 1v1 matches with someone in the game, players are required to create custom rooms. Gaming Room's are used to host custom matches where player who created the room can set the map, weapons or guns (Sniper, Assault Rifles, and many more), and mode (Solo, Duo, or Squad). They can play this mode with friends by following below steps:

How to obtain a room card:

To create Custom Rooms in BGMI room card is required. There are two ways to obtain a Room Card:
BGMI room card
  • From the Clan
  • From the Elite Royale Pass

How to create a Custom Room in BGMI:

Tech Flout, BGMI
  1. Open Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).
  2. Purchase room card By above methods.
  3. Then Create custom Room.
  4. And Select Map on which you want to play (Arena, Warehouse or 1v1)

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